ReBoot Character
Format Super Virus
First Appearance Daemon Rising
Hobby Being Adored
Catchphrase "Why do they suffer needlessly when the Word is inevitable?"
Voice Actor Colombe Demers
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"I am Daemon. I am not an entity, I am in time. My time is now. The word, is Cron" -Daemon

Daemon is a Super Virus who infected the Super Computerand turned it into her domain. She had complete control over the entire force of the Guardians, except for BobMatrix andLittle Enzo. Her outward appearance is of a young girl with a thin crown. She has none of the traditional claws and spikes like other viruses, and she's also smaller in body size than other viruses, looking more like a sprite.

Daemon is a Cron Virus, and like any virus, aims to spread her infection. Her function is to bring unity to the entire Net. To do this, she will infect everyone and everything in the Netbefore her timer reaches zero, at which point she announces the word - "cron" - and cause every Sprite and Binome to count down to their self-destruction. Thus, the Net would be unified in the peace of total oblivion.

[2]Daemon on her ThroneAdded by Preator

Despite her enormous power, Daemon did have limits. She was incapable of forming portals on her own, causing her to rely on the Guardians. Daemon also could not infect Key Tools, only the Guardians they belonged to. Unlike some other Super Viruses, she could not destroy densely coded firewalls on her own. At first, Daemon relied on conquering the Net's pathways and major hubs to control the Net, until she was ready to spread her infection.

When she first infected the Super Computer, Daemon's orders to the Guardians were to restrict all Net travel and force Systems to remain connected to the Net, ensuring there would be no escape from her infection by "locking the door open". Some systems were forced to build massive prisons to hold anyone that violated this new law, such as the Desert Port System. She set the new Guardian protocol as 'Divide and Render'.

[3]Daemon's Throne RoomAdded by Preator

Now that she controlled the largest power base in the Net, Daemon set up her headquarters in the Super Computer's Master Clock. She created a throne room for herself in the Clock Speed Room, with several honor guards and a massive viewscreen to keep track of the Guardians' efforts to spread her infection. From here, she could effectively control the entire Net by just controlling those pathways, and if any system ever resisted the word, Daemon would simply move in to squash it.

Most of the Guardians were completely under her control, but the ones with more complex codes, like the Prime Guardian Turbo, were able to fight her infection for a time. Turbo had the visible signs of Daemon's infection, but was able to fight its control and work with others, like Matrix, to resist her laws. Unfortunately, the infection continued to grow in Turbo and eventually took over his self control. The growing infection caused Key Tools to leave the Guardians. The small devices must have realized she needed their portal forming abilities and fled to another level of Cyber Space.