Derek is the main character used by the founder Jadenyuki93.  He is a Lyoko Warrior that fights against the forces of X.A.N.A.

Derek in the real world

He is fifteen years old and attends Kadic Academy.   He is friends with Enzo Matrix and is the leader of the Lyoko Warriors


Years after Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Aelita, and William (main characters in Code Lyoko show), Derek found the old factory while walking home from school.  He saw the data on Jeremie's old PC and accessed it but accidentally got trapped inside Lyoko where he was attacked by X.A.N.A. robots but he found a sword and fought back against them, he then won.  Eventually, he was killed by one of the surviving robots and sent back into the real world.  He figured out how to go to Lyoko and how to get back to the real world.  His friend, Sam, became in charge of the virtualisation machine and the PC in the factory.                           

Derek as a Lyoko warrior

Battle against MegabyteEdit

One day when Enzo and Derek were training, they got attacked by Megabyte and Derek got beat up really badly by him and fell into a river.  When Derek got up he tried to defeat Megabyte but everything just got worse and Enzo and Dot were getting beaten up too.   Derek sacrificed himself in an attempt to save Enzo so he could flee and he was killed by Megabyte who disintegrated him with his eye lasers.  Derek woke up back in the real world in the factory where Sam's computer was to access Lyoko.  He was somehow hurt in the real world but he got back in the virtualisation machine and returned to Lyoko to help Enzo fight Megabyte again.  This time, he and Enzo were strong enough and they destroyed defeated Megabyte, causing him to explode.   

Other adventuresEdit

Derek and Enzo were attacked by a demon octupus who was controlled by X.A.N.A. so they killed it but then it gave birth to baby octupuses.  These babies were adopted and raised as pets by Derek and Enzo.  Their names were Eight and Little Enzo.  

When Daemon was resurrected by X.A.N.A. just as Megabyte had bene, Enzo and Derek fought her and destroyed her by stabbing her X.A.N.A. microchip which was how she was brought back.                             






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