Eight is an octupus and a pet of Derek.  He is named Eight because he has eight tentacles.  He is the twin brother of
Little Enzo, the pet octupus of Enzo Matrix


When Derek and Enzo Matrix were on a hike in the Desert Sector of Lyoko they found out that there was somehow an ocean in the desert.  There was an octupus in the ocean who was controlled by X.A.N.A. and it attacked Derek and Enzo but it was killed in the fight.  In its dying moments, the octupus gave birth to two babies, one was Eight and the other was Little Enzo.  Derek and Enzo decided to adopt them and keep them as pets.


Enzo can stretch his tentacles out for very long and has super strength, he can lift objects that are twice his size.  He can also shoot lazers from his eyes and jump at incredible lengths. 

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