Story Of Young Sprite Named Enzo MatrixEdit

Enzo Is A Guardian Of Mainframe & He Is Bound To Help Anyone In Need. Enzo Matrix Loves To Fight In The Games & Beat The Users. Enzo Matrix Is The Coolest. He Is A Member Of Lyoko Warriors In The World Of Lyoko Who Fightd Against The Forces Of X.A.N.A.. Enzo Matrix Is The Main Character Used By The User, Enzo Matrix. He Also Has A Pet Octupus Named Little Enzo Who Is Brothers With Eight The Pet Octupus Of Derek.

Enzo Matrix 325
Enzo Matrix 421


One Day When Enzo Was Training With His Friend & Master, Derek, They Were Both Attacked By Megabyte.  Enzo Couldn't Defeat Megabyte & Got Beat Up Bad & So Did Derek, Who Couldn't Beat Him Either.  Derek Was Killed When He Was Disintegrated By Megabyte's Eye Lasers & Enzo Got Very Angry But Still Couldn't Beat Him. Then, A Mysterious Man Appeared Who Was Derek & He Came Back To Life, He Helped Enzo Destroy Megabyte.  Megabyte Exploded & Was Seemingly Dead.  

Megabyte Was Later Resurrected By X.A.N.A. and Was Possessed So He X.A.N.A. Could Have a physical form.  X.A.N.A. fought Enzo and Derek in this form but lost and fled from the battle. It was later revealed to be a set up so that X.A.N.A.'s secret base could explode on Enzo and Derek.  However, the heroes survived this explosion.

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